5 proven strategies for a smoother customer experience

5 proven strategies for a smoother customer experience

September 13, 2023

The thing that usually stands between us and what we want in life is resistance– the uneasiness that comes with stepping outside of our comfort zones; the influence of our fears and limiting beliefs; or the pull of our habits and natural tendencies.

As human beings, we are wired to resist uncertainty, difficulty, or complexity, which is why many of us fall short of reaching our full potential. We have a bias for comfort, ease, and convenience and the best marketers in the world know this about us. Some might exploit it, while others, genuinely hoping to assist, use this insight to cater to our needs better.

At grio, we often discuss a simple but profound idea: in their quest for value, customers are also seeking to make a profit. In fact, the only reason people ever buy anything is because it’s worth more to them than what it costs them– and doesn’t just cost people money to buy from us; It also costs them time, effort and even emotional energy. 

For businesses eager to expand, what often becomes a stumbling block is understanding the customer's resistance. They might be hesitant due to perceived complexities, uncertainties, or sheer inconvenience. Our aim at Grio is to bridge this gap by offering a smoother path for customers.

Here are five things we often consider when guiding them through that process.

Simplicity is Key

Make it effortless for your audience to grasp your message. Simple designs, relatable language, and clear value propositions are more trustworthy. It's akin to having a heart-to-heart chat with a friend, where you're both on the same page.

Stay Top-of-Mind

A product or service that stays on top of the customer's mind has a better chance at success. Think about the catchy jingles you hum or logos you instantly recognize. They've effectively reserved a spot in your memory, making them your go-to choice when needed.

Prioritize Accessibility

Convenience matters. If your favorite organic store is miles away, you'll likely grab groceries from the nearby store, even if it's not your first choice. Being accessible and easy-to-reach is essential.

Craft a Seamless User Experience

No one likes hiccups during shopping. The smoother the process, whether online or offline, the more inclined customers are to see it through. Think about the pleasant experience you have while shopping on platforms like Amazon; it's hassle-free from start to finish.

Guide with Gentle Nudges

Sometimes, a little nudge in the right direction is all someone needs. Not forceful, but a soft reminder of the choices available. Consider the tipping options in coffee shops – they suggest, but never impose, letting you decide.

In the heart of it all, it's empathy that matters most. Understanding human behavior isn't about manipulating it but resonating with it. By offering solutions that align with real needs, we're forming a genuine connection. So, in life and in business, it's not about fighting the current but finding the path of least resistance.

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