our purpose is tohelp companies
find their souls.

We help companies find the truest expression of who they are and the contribution they want to make in the world.


Grio is short for griot-- an African Storyteller, the guardian of traditions, the bridge between generations. Like Griots in Africa and Bards in Europe, we are a team of storytellers who understand the power of this oral tradition to harness and pass on the collective consciousness of an entire era, culture or civilization.

our philosophy

We believe that at their best, brands inspire, empower and effect change. When they fall short of this admittedly high bar, they either lack empathy, a clear purpose or both.

We use these four principles to guide them.

a brand is a story

find your big idea • a brand is a story-- a bundle of ideas, beliefs and values stitched together coherently. great stories and brands have a big idea, the throughline that stitches everything together

you're not the hero, your customers are.

escape your ego trap • As people, we are naturally self-centered. To escape this egocentric trap, we have to remind ourselves that we are not the heroes of the stories we tell.

mind the gap between image and perception

there's a gap between image (how you see and understand your brand) and perception (how customers and others actually perceive your brand). Branding is the art and science of closing this gap.

your customers are co-authors of your brand

accept your customers are co-authors • You don’t own the perception of your brand. Your customers do. Creating a brand is a process of co-creation between you and your customers.

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