Our mission is to help businesses and organizations find their souls.

Our contribution to making our world a better place is to champion and support causes that improve the human condition. To that end, our mission is to help companies and organizations find their soul-- the truest expression of who they are  and the contribution they want to make in the world. We encourage and empower them to lead with empathy to build meaningful connections with the people they seek to serve--  employees and customers. Our vision at grio is a world with more empathetic leaders, organizations and brands. A better world for us to live in and for future generations to grow in.

our name

Grio is short for griot-- an African Storyteller, the guardian of traditions, the bridge between generations. Like Griots in Africa and Bards in Europe, we are a team of storytellers who understand the power of this oral tradition to harness and pass on the collective consciousness of an entire era, culture or civilization.

If you look at advertising today or the 60s, you get a clear sense for how as a civilization we define culture in our respective societies. Through what's represented in ads, for example, as well as what's missing, you get a window into how we understand and how much we value ideas such as beauty, freedom, equality, success or love . In that cultural translation, brands become time capsules, similar to the poems and stories griots use to capture and communicate the  zeitgest of the civilization in a specific moment in time.

As griots, we have the responsibility of telling authentic stories, as well as the duty to challenge outdated ideas that no longer reflect the collective consciousness or the kind societies we want to line in. It's that quest to build a better world and enhance the human experience that we derive economic value for ourselves and our clients.

our process

There's usually a gap between where a company is and where they aspire to be. Closing that gap requires vision but it also requires great execution.


We help you clarify who you are, why you exist, who you serve and what sets you apart.


We help refine your business model to maximize your strengths and market opportunities


Brand and culture are two sides of the same coin. So to change your brand we also have to change your culture.


We help you with a plan for how people find you, become customers and later turn in brand advocates.

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We are first and foremost creative problem solvers. We leverage the power of branding to help our clients reach their goals. Let us know how we can help. 

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